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About us

Why choose Bludent?

We want you to feel at home with us. Clinic Bludent is a place where there is no fear of the dentist and no discomfort. We are here to beautify your smile. Professional equipment of the latest generation. Free dental examination and control.

Bludent is most focused in helping you discover your most beauiful smile as quickly as possible. Get your best looking smile now!

With the most beautiful smile

Return home healthy, rested and satisfied with a new smile. You get a guarantee for your dental work. We take care of you even after the treatment, with a recommendation related to regular annual controls. We offer professional dental services. Our professional team will take care of your health and your smile at the highest level.

The Bludent office gives special attention and time to patients from abroad. We are aware that a certain amount of courage is required when deciding to give your trust to a doctor from a foreign country, and going to the dentist is not a pleasant thing in itself!

For all these reasons, the BLUDENT team wants to make your stay in our city and country an extremely enjoyable experience that will always remain in your memory. Everything we offer also applies to our compatriots living and working abroad.

We usually start the collaboration by exchanging emails, interpreting the orthopan snapshot you would send us. Based on this, we can give you an approximate assessment of your dental condition and a few suggestions on what might be best to do in your case, according to your options.

We take full care of you from landing at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. There you will find a car that we have organized for you and will take you to the arranged accommodation.

We do all interventions painlessly under local anesthesia.

We will carry out all interventions in a very short period of time, and for these reasons it is necessary to arrange your arrival in a timely manner, in order to schedule our regular patients and devote most of the working day to working on your teeth.