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Do you want innovative dentistry, the latest types of prosthetic solutions?
We can help you — new generations of materials are our allies.
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Your beautiful smile
In step with the world- Bludent, your center for modern and aesthetic dentistry.
Forget your prejudices and come and get your new smile.
Dentist Belgrade

BluDent dental practice

· The office is spread over 750m2
· We have 12 dental offices and 4 specially equipped offices for pediatric dentistry
· Secured parking 500m2
· We have an X-ray cabinet for imaging teeth (digital orthopedic and intraoral X-ray with sensor) The latest generations, with reduced (reduced) radiation dose!
· The practice has 17 employees
· 17 years with you
· 13 doctors
· 41 prize
· 20,000 satisfied clients

Holivudski osmeh
How to get a Hollywood smile?
Not everyone can achieve a Hollywood smile in the same way. Depending on the condition of your teeth, the plan will be presented by your dentist after the examination. The prices depend on the intervention that will be necessary to achieve your goal. Fortunately, there are no patients who wanted, but did not get, their bright Hollywood smile!

Meet your dental team

Thanks to a large team of staff and doctors, the organization of the clinic's work in all fields is on a par with the most prestigious dental clinics in the world and Europe.

All dental services with us are performed by experts in whose hands you will feel completely safe.

Pediatric dentistry

Continuous research of progress in pediatric dentistry and careful observation of our children have led to ...


Metal-ceramic crown
Metal-free ceramic crown
Zircon metal-free ceramic crown

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Metal-ceramic crown Belgrade


Laser bleaching
Office bleaching
Home bleaching

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Dentistry Belgrade

Pediatric dentistry

Removing soft deposits
Watering fissures
Extraction of a milk tooth

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Pediatric dentistry in Belgrade