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Tooth extraction  20 euros
Complicated tooth extraction  30 euros
Surgical tooth extraction  100 euros
Extraction of a milk tooth  15 euros
Non-surgical removal of wisdom teeth  30 euros
Composite filling  30 euros
Amalgam filling  30 euros
Composite upgrade  35 euros
Composite facet  45 euros
Tartar removal with polishing  30 euros
Tartar removal with sandblasting  40 euros
Drug application  20 euros
Mechanical endodontic treatment of a multi-channel tooth  90 euros
Mechanical revision of the channel  30 euros
Metal-ceramic crown  120 euros
Metal-free zirconium crown  200 euros
Thermoplast prosthesis partial  500 euros
Thermoplast prosthesis total  500 euros
Skeletonized Vizil prosthesis WHITE VIZIL  500 euros
Retainer film after prosthetic work  60 euros
Total prosthesis Acrylic  270 euros
Partial prosthesis Acrylic  270 euros
Repair of acrylic prostheses  25 euros
Fixed orthodontic appliance per jaw  650 euros
Fixed orthodontic appliance SALE UNTIL 31.01.2023  400 euros
Mobile orthodontic device  250 euros
Production of plinths for analysis  30 euros
Retainer foil  
Orthodontic  70 euros
Orthopanic recording OPT  15 euros
Retroalveolar imaging 6 euros
Implantation of artificial bone with membrane  200 euros
Gingivectomy  50 euros
Apicotomy  100 euros
Office teeth whitening  130 euros
Home teeth whitening with splints  180 euros
Teeth whitening one jaw  90 euros
Splint for bruxism  100 euros
The prices shown on this page are for informational purposes only and are subject to change.
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