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Dental tourism

1 - Dental tourism BluDent Belgrade

High quality dental services and very affordable prices have made Belgrade one of the most desirable destinations for dental tourism. For that reason, people from different parts of the world, who have health insurance, decide to visit the Bludent dental clinic and place their trust in us.

17 years with patients from all over the world

Dental tourism in Belgrade will allow you to enjoy tourist attractions or socializing with relatives and friends throughout Serbia, while we create a healthy and beautiful smile for you.

If in Serbia you are looking for a top dental service, for experienced and skilled dentists, "masters of their craft" who can fulfill all your wishes, give you back your self-confidence and smile, then you are in the right place, like many before you.

In Bludent Cliff, you will receive all types of dental services and procedures comfortably, painlessly, highly professionally done, at prices significantly lower than in the world, with an appropriate multi-year warranty on the material used and the work performed.

How does dental tourism work?

Free counseling and contracting treatments

The first step is to email us your image from a digital orthopan (image of both jaws). After a detailed analysis, we send you a therapy proposal and your therapy options (if there are more). u

In the email, you will receive a detailed explanation of the entire procedure, which interventions are needed, the duration of the intervention, how many visits are needed and for how long, as well as the approximate price of the entire treatment.

For foreign citizens who have health insurance that covers dental services, we issue invoices for performed dental services with which you can refund insurance. We also issue medical reports to justify absence from work.

Why visit Bludent Dentistry Center?

• Quality - At Bludent Center, we offer patients the highest quality solutions and stand behind our work. All treatments performed in our center represent the highest level of world quality and standards.

• Lower prices - Another reason to visit our dental center is the lower prices of all dental services compared to Western European counterparts. By deciding to solve your dental problems in our center, you can save up to 70%!

• Doctor - Dental treatments are performed by a doctor with extensive experience who follows world trends in dental medicine and is continuously educated at various national and international congresses.


Enjoying your vacation in Belgrade. Belgrade is ideal for sightseeing, relaxation, rest and nightlife. Tourist information about Belgrade can be found on the website of the Belgrade Tourist Organization.

Interior of the office

The most modern dental equipment is accompanied by a modern interior.

Colors and furniture were chosen to make each patient's stay in the office comfortable.

1 - Dental tourism BluDent Belgrade
2 - Dental tourism BluDent Belgrade
3 - Dental tourism BluDent Belgrade